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Thrive In Womanhood, Lead In Life...

rediscover the power and purpose of womanhood and reposition your life for sustainable success.


I'm Natasha Solomon, and I am on a mission to elevate womanhood for greater impact, by educating, equipping, and encouraging women to stand in their power and reposition their lives for sustainable success.

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Sustainable Success.

Womanhood, by its very definition is a journey of resilience, endurance, trials, and triumphs — all characteristic of dynamic leadership.


I believe that women were created with the capacity to lead in their own unique area of gifting, where they are most comfortable, most intuitive, and of course most influential.


My job, as a womanhood mentor, writer, speaker and educator is to help women achieve sustainable success in their lives without compromising their values or losing themselves in the process. Providing them with the tools they need to sustain the woman, wife, mother and trailblazer as she continues to live, love, and build her house.

"I believe that women were created resilient, born to lead, and are infinitely capable".

- Natasha Solomon -

The New Ideal Podcast

A radically new conversation about womanhood —engaging deeply biblically to inspire elevated and empowered living.


Shaping a new ideal that champions women of this generation and beyond to achieve sustainable success in life and thrive in womanhood without compromising their values or losing themselves in the process.


If you are among the many who believe you were made for such a time as this, The New Ideal is for you!

Take a listen, subscribe, share with the amazing women in your life, and join the conversation on The New Ideal Podcast social media page on IG @thenewideal_pod.

I'd love to hear your feedback!

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