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Thrive in Womanhood, Lead in Life!

Helping women thrive on their womanhood journey, and lead with integrity both inside and outside their home, by recommitting to their true identity.

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Author | Speaker | Personal & Leadership Development Coach & Consultant



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To Learn 5 Key Steps to Thrive on Your Womanhood Journey.

Taking you one step closer to your next level of self-mastery! 

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I'm Natasha Solomon

Your Womanhood, Life and Leadership Coach!

Founder & CEO of The Solomon RedBear Company, LLC, (Thrive Excellence Agency), The El Dorado Foundation, Inc. (a non-profit) Host of The Thrive Womanhood Podcast, and Author of the upcoming book, "Thrive in    Womanhood, Lead in Life".


As a young woman growing up, I dreamt of being the perfect wife and mother, a leader and all-around boss lady --- "the ideal woman". 


My life experiences however have been anything but ideal!


The truth is, I didn't understand what it truly meant to be a woman other than becoming a wife and a mother, so I had no idea what to expect on this journey. 


I had to figure out what I needed to do and who I needed to be in order to thrive in this amazing and impactful life I said I wanted.


What started out as a journey to becoming "the ideal woman" ended up being a more than ideal journey to becoming the woman God called me to be, and today that is what I do.

I teach other women how thrive on their womanhood journey through leadership and self-mastery, so they can live fulfilling lives doing the things they love with the people that matter most to them. 

Online Class

The Thrive Workshop

Get to your next level of self-mastery!

Establish foundations that will unlock the key to achieving self-mastery, help you become a dynamic leader both inside and outside your home, and thrive, with grace and integrity, on your womanhood journey.

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Let's Talk About All The Things.

The IDEAL Woman Podcast

Featured Episodes

Taking a Stand for Purpose
"Reimagining womanhood, and redefining what it means to be the ideal woman, one episode at a time"!

Hosted by Natasha Solomon

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