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Rediscover the Power and Purpose of Womanhood and
Reposition Your Life for Sustainable Success.

What You Can Expect


Module 1

The Patterns of Desire, Lies & Deceit: How to recognize and avoid the pitfalls that threaten your power, purpose, and authority as a woman of virtue.


Module 2

The IDEAL Model 

What it means to be a Mighty Woman of Valor and how to become the kind of woman your ideal life requires, by unleashing the IDEAL woman within.


Module 3


How to apply the 5 Keys of Self-Mastery to your life, embrace who you are at your core, and achieve your most ambitious goals in womanhood, life, and business without compromising your values.


Module 4

Thrive and Lead

How to utilize the THRIVE Framework to experience exponential personal growth while building a legacy of wealth for yourself, your family and generations after you.

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